4 Steps to being Fearless

4 Steps to being Fearless

Fear usually does not tell you the truth. Fear is usually a manifestation of something false being replayed in our minds. It’s false imagery. It will stifle you from being the person you can be. It will keep you in the “perfect” box. You’ll never dare to color outside of the lines. You will never leave your job to start a new business. You will never change YOUR world. Fear will leave you strapped in the car seat while the world is passing you by. So, let’s break out of this box together. Here are several tips to destroy the hold that fear has on your life:

1. Open Up 

Confess your fear aloud. It’s imperative that you find someone to talk to about your fears. The right person will challenge your fear and encourage you to view your thoughts, assumptions, and conclusion from another perspective. Often, this will help you to see that your thoughts are fear filled. 

2. Interrupt your pattern of Thinking

Where your mind goes, your actions follow. Think great thoughts and great actions follow. Don’t think, “I can’t.” Think “I can.” Don’t create the worst of life’s scenarios in your mind. When a negative thought comes, immediately counteract it with a positive thought. If you don’t implement this step, then fear will become a magnet for stagnation or failure. 

You must play a new song in your mind. Say things like: Fear can no longer deceive me. I will no longer doubt my possibilities. I am a force to be reckoned with.  If you fear death, say, I will live a long life. If you fear starting a business, say, I can and I will start a business. If you fear failure, say, I will succeed no matter what comes my way.  If you fear never getting married, say, love and a fulfilling relationship are coming to me. You get the picture. Form complete sentences of phrases that oppose your fear. Say these everyday. You will begin to experience a change in your mind and in your life. 

3. Revisit your past to create a Future

Past failures are reminders of what did not work happen, who left, the job termination, and the like. Don’t use any of these as a measuring stick for your future. Learn and grow from your failures and then take the risk again. Just because your last boyfriend cheated does not mean your new one will. Just because your last business failed, does not mean the new one will. Take a chance. It could be the beginning of a lifelong love and the door to fulfillment. 

4. Read and Meditate

Study great inspirational material consistently. Become one with the words of the material you choose. Think about what you’ve read and implement it. 


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